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What do Bahrainis really want?

 That’s a tough question I get asked all the time by journalists. I would say Bahrain is divided into three significant groups. We have the Shia opposition on one side (namely Wefaq and its followers). The other section are comprised of mainly Sunnis who are tremendously loyal to the ruling Al Khalifa family (those who’ve been known as “drummers” in the Bahrain community, and who obsessively defend the government no matter what) , and the third, and largest group, are the people in between (Sunnis and Shias who don’t support either factions, accept and respect Al Khalifa as the ruling family, and demand better living standards and reforms).

The first two are not of an interest to me anymore. They are playing an endless cat and mouse game. The people are fed up with this theater.

In my opinion, in order to truly fix what’s broken we need to do the following:

1)      Allocate a specific “square” for legal protesting. Such protests must be peaceful in nature of course.

2)      Immediate stop of excessive use of tear gas in residential areas.

3)      Bring corrupt officials to justice. And I’m not talking about the little fish only.

4)      Bring all those who incite hate and support riots/terrorism to justice and suspend all such political groups. Strike with an iron hammer to show them that such actions will not be tolerated. Take Britain as an example during the Tottenham riots.

5)      Name and shame all those who are caught in acts of sabotage, rioting and terrorism.

6)      A RESPECTABLE increase in public and private sector salaries (Bahrainis only. And yes, private sector salaries can be increased through a government subsidy). It was once reported that Indian migrants were snubbing Bahrain due to low income, despite being offered the same salary as Bahrainis. Think about that for a second.*

7)      Remove the 1% TAX being forced on Bahrainis’ salaries. This unemployment tax should be paid none Bahrainis only as they are the ones who are taken up the available jobs. No disrespect to none Bahrainis.

8)      Decent housing. The ones previously offered are an insult to the people. And having to wait decades to get an accommodation is utterly disgraceful. The housing loan provided by the government is laughable & not sufficient to even buy a small decent flat.

9)      Return all stolen land. People have Google Earth you know. They can see the available lands.

10)   A change in government is needed. The previous one didn’t work. We need young blood with new ideas. New visions. New Hope.

After all, a country’s strongest pillars is its people.

Peace Out.


*Random ATM salary slips collected on the day after salaries were deposited into the accounts. Notice the balances.