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What do Bahrainis really want?

 That’s a tough question I get asked all the time by journalists. I would say Bahrain is divided into three significant groups. We have the Shia opposition on one side (namely Wefaq and its followers). The other section are comprised of mainly Sunnis who are tremendously loyal to the ruling Al Khalifa family (those who’ve been known as “drummers” in the Bahrain community, and who obsessively defend the government no matter what) , and the third, and largest group, are the people in between (Sunnis and Shias who don’t support either factions, accept and respect Al Khalifa as the ruling family, and demand better living standards and reforms).

The first two are not of an interest to me anymore. They are playing an endless cat and mouse game. The people are fed up with this theater.

In my opinion, in order to truly fix what’s broken we need to do the following:

1)      Allocate a specific “square” for legal protesting. Such protests must be peaceful in nature of course.

2)      Immediate stop of excessive use of tear gas in residential areas.

3)      Bring corrupt officials to justice. And I’m not talking about the little fish only.

4)      Bring all those who incite hate and support riots/terrorism to justice and suspend all such political groups. Strike with an iron hammer to show them that such actions will not be tolerated. Take Britain as an example during the Tottenham riots.

5)      Name and shame all those who are caught in acts of sabotage, rioting and terrorism.

6)      A RESPECTABLE increase in public and private sector salaries (Bahrainis only. And yes, private sector salaries can be increased through a government subsidy). It was once reported that Indian migrants were snubbing Bahrain due to low income, despite being offered the same salary as Bahrainis. Think about that for a second.*

7)      Remove the 1% TAX being forced on Bahrainis’ salaries. This unemployment tax should be paid none Bahrainis only as they are the ones who are taken up the available jobs. No disrespect to none Bahrainis.

8)      Decent housing. The ones previously offered are an insult to the people. And having to wait decades to get an accommodation is utterly disgraceful. The housing loan provided by the government is laughable & not sufficient to even buy a small decent flat.

9)      Return all stolen land. People have Google Earth you know. They can see the available lands.

10)   A change in government is needed. The previous one didn’t work. We need young blood with new ideas. New visions. New Hope.

After all, a country’s strongest pillars is its people.

Peace Out.


*Random ATM salary slips collected on the day after salaries were deposited into the accounts. Notice the balances.



Careful when opposition demand a 100% elected government. And when I say “opposition” I mean the current shia movement in Bahrain. Nobody can deny it is a Shia movement. Also, think.. If its a movement for “Rights” then how come its only the shia in Bahrain who are complaining and protesting? How the other half, the Sunnis, are not protesting?
Many Bahrain shias are not free to choose who to vote for. By their religion, they believe that they have to follow every order given by their religious clerics. They believe their clerics (like isa qasim) are divine & free from error. Keep in mind that these same clerics (in Bahrain, iraq, kuwait, saudi arabia..) all obey the orders & instructions of the iranian ayatullah. They believe the ayatulla speaks the words of God, via the Mahdi. (They believe the Mahdi will always do & say what’s right, without question). Hence, whatever they are told by their religious leaders has to be obeyed, as at the end, they believe it to be the words & instruction of the Mahdi.

So you see, if we had 100% elections for government, most shias will vote for whoever iran wants to win. That’s a fact. Shias will defend this fact by saying (clerics don’t interfere with politics) well we all know that’s not true. Look at isa qasim now and all his speeches. Also look at what khomini did (iranian revolution against the shah). So you see, by their religion, they have no freedom of choice. Also, keep in mind, that as per the shia religion, they believe they are destined to feel suppressed & injustice until the coming of the (Mahdi) who will rescue them. So in essence, no matter what they have or what they get, they will never feel justified. What I said may sound strange to you, but its true.. Ask any shia.

So, unless there is a so called “fatwa” denying any clerics from recommending anyone in elections, then Shias would always vote for the ones chosen by their clerics.. That doesn’t apply to all shias of course, but to a huge majority of shias. They don’t have freedom of choice.


Does Iran or hizbulla have anything to do with what’s going on in Bahrain?

Well, let’s take a look at some facts and you can later decide for yourself:

Before February 14th 2011 we Bahrainis used to see many Shias (who represent 99.9% of the Bahrain opposition) proudly displaying the flags and pictures of Iran and hizbulla on their cars, locker rooms, outside their homes and even in their places of work. When the so called February 14th “revolution” began, all of a sudden, and quite astonishingly, all those pictures and displays disappeared. This was probably for media advantage. I mean, the world would never support anyone waving a hizbulla flag for example… right?

Even when Bahrain football team played against the Iranian team in Bahrain you used to see the ‘Away’ side packed with Bahraini Shias cheering the Iranian team. Imagine the USA playing against Iran and you see thousands of Americans on the ‘away’ side cheering on Iran.. Quite a sight huh?

One might say this is true because the Shia faith demands its followers to respect and obey the Iranian Ayatulla.. Think about that for a second. This bring up another subject, but I don’t want to stray off course, If interested, here is a link to that

Answer this for me. How come Iranian & hizbulla media (Press TV, Manar, Al Alam.. just to name a few) dedicated their time to covering the Bahrain events? In addition, most of the Bahrain opposition figures dedicated their time to be on those channels to give their interviews and speeches. One does not have to question if iran and hizbulla are “friends” of Bahrain so why would they continuously contact such channels?

Here is something strange (to some of you) how come most supporters of the Bahrain Shia protesters and rioters do not condemn the violent atrocities of the Syrian regime? Rarely, you would find them only saying “We condemn the violence on both sides”. But they would never condemn Bashar Al Assad. Is it because Iran and Hizbulla support the Syrian regime?This is also worth noting.. Wefaq National Islamic Society (which appears to represent this Shia movement in Bahrain) never uses the world “Arabian Gulf”. Ok, historically, most records show the actual name to be “Persian Gulf” however, to the Arabian Gulf Countries, its known as the “Arabian Gulf” and they take pride in naming it so. The only country in the Gulf who calls it “Persian” is Iran. So why would Wefaq, who claim to be loyal to Bahrain, not use the term “Arabian Gulf”? Their response to this question when asked is “We don’t want to upset anyone, so we simply call it The Gulf”.. Excuse me, you don’t want to upset anyone? Aren’t you upsetting the Arabian Countries by this? Maybe that’s irrelevant, but it’s still something worth mentioning.

Also, just recently, some members of the “Bahrain Opposition” met in Iran for their Provinces meeting. Keep in mind that Iran considers (Maybe unofficially) Bahrain as part of its province. So why would a Bahrain opposition figure meet in Iran for such a thing? Wouldn’t anyone question their motives? Or loyalty?

This movement failed to gain the support of most Shias in Bahrain, and failed miserably in gaining the support of Bahrain’s Sunnis, Christians and Jews. But Iranians and members/supporters of hizbulla continuously protested in their respective countries in support of the Bahrain Shia protests. They have also slightly succeeded in gaining support from outside of Bahrain by playing on the emotions of some human rights campaigners and sympathizers who have never even been to Bahrain and/or rely only on one side (the Shia opposition) for news sources.

Finally, if this was a real revolution for actual legitimate demands, then how come all the protesters and rioters are Shia? Even the political group leading this movement is a Shia Islamic society. How come Sunnis are not protesting for such “demands”? You could falsely argue that Shia are oppressed in Bahrain (which is not accurate at all) but if you do argue with that, then you are confirming this is a sectarian Shia movement aren’t you?

Of course, with all the above, there still is no “Hard Concrete Evidence” that links Iran with what’s happening in Bahrain.. So I’ve heard.

P.S: The below picture shows Qassim al Hashimi, a key figure in Bahrain’s Shia opposition movement, kissing the forehead of Iranian president, Mahmud Ahmadinejad.





A video made by @BahrainRiffai on twitter. Showing what most of the international Media didn’t see. It may offend some of you but it also has some crucial elements that deserves to be shared. It’s worth saying that this video also seems to anger some of the people in the Bahrain “government” as they Appearantly want to hide the past and never remember what happened.. Foolish thinking..

After the second clearing of the roundabout, a security camera caught this.. Anti Government “Protesters” planted a bomb on the side of road. Some claim many more were planted across the area, that’s why police sealed off this part until they dismantled all of the bombs. Now tell me, would you consider this a peaceful act of protesting or plain cold terrorism? Watch till the end. Bomb goes off at around 1:15

This picture shows Bahrain AntiGov protesters making children wear death shrouds splattered with blood.











Bahrain Anti-Gov groups accuse Bahrainis who don’t support their movement as “Paid by the Gov, Spies, Baltajis, Sectarian, thugs…etc” They say this because they don’t want to believe that Most Bahrainis are actually against them. Or want to make up an excuse for attacking them. Anyone who disagrees with them is considered an enemy. They have no tolerance for other views or opinions, yet claim to want “Democracy & Freedom”