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Posted: September 10, 2014 in Brain Freak!

The Ateekster Rule

The Sum of All Numbers Equals The Sum of Their Digits:

1     21  3     1+21+3=25              Add the two numbers 2+5 = 7

Now add the total digits: 1+2+1+3= 7

21  514       71  21+514+71=606     6+0+6=12  1+2=3

Now add the total digits:2+1+5+1+4+7+1=21      2+1=3

25  23125  5    211       1.56      7       =25+23125+5+211+1.56+7=23374.56            2+3+3+7+4+5+6=30                  3+0= 3

Now add the total digits: 2+5+2+3+1+2+5+5+2+1+1+1+5+6+7=48  4+8=12              2+1=3


A Story

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Brain Freak!


Birds Will Fall From The Sky As The Earth Shifts

The Third Blood Moon Will Signal Everything

People Will Revolt With The Surfacing Of Information

Rome Will Succumb To Its Own Weight & Greed

The Proud Nation Will Be Engulfed In Fire Of Its Own Making

When The Sun Is Middle To Earth And Venus, The Script Will Commence

A Great King Will Fall

A Sun In The Sky Will Appear In The Night

A Man Of True Blood Will Flee In Solitude, Not His Destiny

The Ground Will Shake Its Long Overdue Terror

North And South Are No Longer True

Middle Earth Will Crumble And Death Will Be The Norm

An Island Will Disappear

Bable Will Rise Once Again Gold, Water And Blood Will Flow

Mountains Of Fire Will Rise From The Middle East

Israel Will Be King

The Solitude Man Will Surrender To The People

An Army Of The Black Flag Will Come From Behind The Mountains

Two Greats Will Confront, One Will Plummet Before A Sword Is Even Swung

Islam Will Rise Once Again

The Antichrist Will Come With A Million Following

Christ Will Return And The Antichrist Will Be Defeated

Gog And Magog Will Surface, An Unstoppable Force, Death Will Come To Them

Great Ancient Birds Will Be Summoned

Prosperity And Peace Once Again

People Will Forget And Overcome By Greed And Pleasure

A Mammoth Will Mark Every Soul

The Sun Will Rise From The West

A Great Fire Will Blanket The Earth

The End Of The World

This is just an observation. I am a Muslim. I am not attacking Islam. I am not insulting Islam. Islam teaches us to think. To discover. To use our minds.. To observe..

So here’s an interesting observation.,

The Kaaba, is a cube. It wasn’t a cube before. It was rectangular in shape (as shown in the below drawing). But it was supposedly damaged many many years ago and then it was rebuilt. For some reason, the builders decided to rebuild it into a cube. And not back into its complete whole rectangular shape.


Speaking of cube’s, this is the proper diagram of a cube. Which almost shows the cube in a 3D drawing.



Keep that in mind. Notice that it looks like a hexagon. Do you know a place where there’s a huge shape like that with a constant orbit around it?


This is Saturn’s North Pole. It’s a hexagon. It has unknown small circular objects revolving around it constantly. Anti Clockwise. Like how the pilgrims revolve around the Kaaba.

Saturn is also known as the black sun. There are those who worship the black sun. They take the cube as a symbol of the black sun. Research this part for yourselves.

Black. Cube. Kaaba means Cube. Kaaba is close to the word Kaabala.. Kabbalah ..(Kaaba-Allah)?

Tefllin is associated with Kabbalah. What is a Tefllin? This is a Tefllin..


It is worn on the top of the head. Just like the beautiful planet, Saturn. The Tefflin reminds me of something.. Oh right,


Quiet a coincidence. People always assume this to be illuminati or Masonic conspiracy talk. But how can we talk about the illuminati without the mentioning the illuminati needle?


Cleopatra’s needle some call it. Goes back to ancient Egypt. Where they used to pray to “Ra”.. the Sun God.. Some write it as Son God.. Now read that the other way around.. But that’s a whole different topic. You’d be fascinated to do some research on that too.

Back to our observations.. Now, this needle. What does it have to do with Kaaba? Well, you see, we have such a needle.

Remember the jamarat? The “stoning wall”? Well, it used to look like this..



Almost like people stoning the illuminati.. Or Ra..

But this was removed. And replaced with something that.. Almost resembles like a huge boat.



So, anyway, then we can safely say that the “needle” is no longer there.. But. There’s another needle. Somewhere where is does not get stoned. Somewhere where its high and people embrace it.

Mount Arafat.


Well, its all conspiracy therories and internet brain freaks. But still good “observations” don’t you think?

I hope to visit the Kaaba soon. Last time I was there they were doing some heavy construction on it. I like the new “ring” around the Kaaba. Almost reminds me of Saturn.


Have a good observant day.