Why not have an elected government?

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Protesters, Revolution.. Or Terror?
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Careful when opposition demand a 100% elected government. And when I say “opposition” I mean the current shia movement in Bahrain. Nobody can deny it is a Shia movement. Also, think.. If its a movement for “Rights” then how come its only the shia in Bahrain who are complaining and protesting? How the other half, the Sunnis, are not protesting?
Many Bahrain shias are not free to choose who to vote for. By their religion, they believe that they have to follow every order given by their religious clerics. They believe their clerics (like isa qasim) are divine & free from error. Keep in mind that these same clerics (in Bahrain, iraq, kuwait, saudi arabia..) all obey the orders & instructions of the iranian ayatullah. They believe the ayatulla speaks the words of God, via the Mahdi. (They believe the Mahdi will always do & say what’s right, without question). Hence, whatever they are told by their religious leaders has to be obeyed, as at the end, they believe it to be the words & instruction of the Mahdi.

So you see, if we had 100% elections for government, most shias will vote for whoever iran wants to win. That’s a fact. Shias will defend this fact by saying (clerics don’t interfere with politics) well we all know that’s not true. Look at isa qasim now and all his speeches. Also look at what khomini did (iranian revolution against the shah). So you see, by their religion, they have no freedom of choice. Also, keep in mind, that as per the shia religion, they believe they are destined to feel suppressed & injustice until the coming of the (Mahdi) who will rescue them. So in essence, no matter what they have or what they get, they will never feel justified. What I said may sound strange to you, but its true.. Ask any shia.

So, unless there is a so called “fatwa” denying any clerics from recommending anyone in elections, then Shias would always vote for the ones chosen by their clerics.. That doesn’t apply to all shias of course, but to a huge majority of shias. They don’t have freedom of choice.


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