Zahra, murdered

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Protesters, Revolution.. Or Terror?


This is a shocking video of Zahra. She was walking back home from her day at work when she found herself in the middle of a riot (Peaceful Anti-Government protest some might call). Suddenly, she was attacked by rioters who use fire extinguishers to launch metal rods at police (one of many weapons used by them). Some say she was attacked because some of the rioters thought she was related to a police officer..

Sadly.. She died later..

It also disgusts me how Anti-Government groups claimed that she was a peaceful protester who was attacked by police.. Of course, they quickly back tracked when people actually found out what happened.. 

She was just a hard working honest civilian.. Horribly murdered by those who claim they are “Peaceful” and who are supported by ignorant international media channels.

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