Wake Up

Posted: August 22, 2012 in A Message to the Bahrain Government
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I got this response from more than 1 person (which I always get when I criticize the government) “I thought you defended Bahrain without expecting anything in return”. Of course I didn’t want anything in return. And nobody should question where my loyalty is & why I defend my country. But when I see the Government is too cheap to even make their people happy (for example, the embarrassing increase in salaries was a slap in the face + we still have people waiting for a decent home who’ve been on the waiting list for 20 years while others build huge villas on God knows which land they took + giving out bentleys & millions of dollars to singers & performers just so they come to#Bahrain + Seeing Bahrainis who’s salary finishes within 2 weeks…. List goes on and on) then I have the right, as a Bahraini, to say that the people deserve better. February 14 2012 came & went & the people STILL have no reason to smile about. Our government was so weak in defending our beloved country that it needed its people to rise up and defend Bahrain (Something to be proud of) but while seeing the Government hiring non-Bahrainis, rewarding non-Bahrainis, & caring more about non-Bahrainis than its own people during a time when Bahrainis stood up to the occasion, then I’m sorry, that’s shameful. (A friend once told me “Well if you had blue eyes & blond hair then you would get anything you want from the Government.. Or, just be a kiss a** like everyone else) that statement has some truth in it.. Please note that I have nothing against non-Bahrainis, they are amazing people and I have nothing but love and respect for them, but it has to be said.
Plus, I see many non-Bahraini “tweeps” rigorously defending the government on twitter no matter what (clear indication of who these accounts really are & who they belong to in my opinion).. Government isn’t God. They do make mistakes and need to be directed towards the right path every once in a while. And from what I’ve seen so far, the word “cheap & selfish” comes to my mind. I will say this again, the people deserve better. We need to boost our economy. Put money into peoples’ pockets. Settle some debts. Increase spending power. Build houses (sell your promises to someone else, I will believe it when I see it).. Make the people happy. By doing so, peoples’ anger will calm down. The basic thing that every Bahraini wants is 1) Better salaries. 2) a decent place to live in. 3) Reduce their debt. Remember, Bahrain is an Arabian Gulf country, so I’m comparing it with other Gulf countries. So please, to the people with power to change, Wake Up.

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