Give Back to the people

Posted: August 22, 2012 in A Message to the Bahrain Government
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This may anger some of you, but it has to be said.. Let me make this as simple as possible for all those “VIPs” that are following me and using fake names to hide their identity.. A whole year passed since the February 2011 protests and the people have yet to see anything to smile about. Don’t believe and see only those who are around you, lying to you and telling you that the majority of the people are happy and don’t want anything more. To make it simple for those who have failed us, the people deserve to at least have their salaries increased sufficiently and they were also expecting to have some burdens taken off of them, like debts & housing payments. Many can’t even pay for their electricity bills while others who are very well known & very capable, have thousands and thousands of unpaid bills, yet it is the normal Bahrainis


who take the punishment of delayed payments. True, we have other demands but that is just the minimum we deserve. Yet, we remain waiting. All promises and talk. All sugar coating and no real action. Even the salary increase was to only a portion of the people, which I may add, fell very very short of peoples’ expectations. The people of this country are the true asset of the economy and the only way to push the economy forward is by putting money into peoples’ pockets and increase spending power. That is the least we, as Bahrainis, deserve. Disregarding this fact will only anger the people further and I for one will not condemn any protest that would demand better living standards and a better Bahrain for Bahrainis. I hope this message gets across to those who actually care about the people and not to those who only think about themselves and their pockets and try to silence anyone who actually says the truth. After all, you are in your position to serve the people, and not the other way around. As for now, the people do what they have always done.. They wait.. They hope.. And they take each day as it comes.. After all, we are Bahrainis

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